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“She Chose Me”

When twelve-year-old Evelyn is given a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy as a gift from her father, she and her new dog, Paws, are inseparable. They grow up together, do everything together, and Evelyn is rarely seen without faithful Paws by her side. But one day, when she’s attending college in New York City, Paws’ nose won’t stop bleeding.

The vet tells Evelyn three earth-shattering words that will change their lives forever. Paws has cancer.

Follow this heart-breaking and emotional tale, based on a true story, of Evelyn and Paws and their fight against esophageal cancer, their story of heartbreak, loss, and hope.

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“A Dog Named Hero”


Eric Cooper wants nothing more than become a dog handler in the US military; it’s been his dream since he was fifteen years old. Through years of hard work and dedication, he’s finally stationed in Afghanistan and assigned a mischievous Belgian Malinois named Hero. Though the pair don’t get along well at first, they work and train together until they’re almost one and the same, forming an unbreakable bond that rivals legends. But the military isn’t free of risks, and danger is lurking around every corner.

Follow Eric and Hero’s compelling tale of the price of being a dog handler in the military, of loss, healing, and the power of hope.

“Dog Talk”

If you’re looking for a comprehensive book, which includes everything you need to know from A to Z about your dog, this book is a must have. “Dog Talk” contains over 400 pages packed full of all of the information your dog wants you to know. This book covers every topic you could possibly think of including the history of the dog, the bond we share with our dog, canine behavior problems and solutions, canine nutrition…and more!

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The Canine Cancer Journal was designed as a supplement to ‘The Behavioral Side to Canine Cancer,’ but it can certainly be utilized as a resource of its own.

The beginning of the journal contains questions to help you, the dog lover, remember critical details to include for your veterinarian. We highly recommend grabbing a hole punch and placing this in a binder to keep all of your veterinary paperwork and documentation in one safe place.

The journal allows you to notice even the slightest difference in health or behavior. Your veterinarian or veterinary oncologist will also appreciate all of the details and documentation being kept in one place. This will serve as a valuable tool during the cancer journey.

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”

Dean Koontz

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