About the CEO

Dr. Amber L. Drake, Professional Writer/Canine Behaviorist

Amber L. Drake

Renowned for her detailed approach to canine behavior and canine cancer, Amber L. Drake is an accomplished writer and Canine Behaviorist with over 14 years of experience in her field. Over the years, she has been featured in numerous publications such as magazines, newsletters, newspaper articles, websites, bookstores, amongst others. Amber is widely respected and sought-after for her knowledge and dedication towards solving canine-related issues. A multifaceted individual, Amber is an astute businesswoman, CEO of Canine Companions, and a Professor of Veterinary Medicine & Adjunct Professor of Biology.

An avid dog lover, Amber has always nursed a strong affinity for dogs. She used this passion as a drive to be at the frontline for these canines. Amber holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree with courses from both SUNY Fredonia and Cornell University, a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Ashford University, a Post-Master’s Educational Certification, a Doctorate (ABD) from the North Central University, Prescott Valley Arizona, and a Doctor of Education from McGraw University. With such height of qualification, she is capable of delivering an exceptional level of service to her corporate and individual clients.

Above all, she finds her career paths to be abundantly rewarding as it allows her to work with dogs, improve the quality of their lives, and make a difference in numerous lives around the world.

To learn more, please visit http://www.AmberLDrake.org and/or take a look around at the various branches of the organization.

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