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At Canine Companions, we strive to ensure dogs live the best life possible with their families. We started with only one branch- canine rehabilitation- and now have several branches to provide the best resources on the market!

Don’t worry about affordability, the mission of Canine Companions involves all assistance is either free or low-cost. Please, take a look through our website and see what information can help you today!

Corporate Services

Branding and Writing Services

We help companies define a clear brand identity to drive sales that will convert via copywriting and content marketing.

Social Media Management

Experts in social media management, we craft award-winning and cutting-edge online experiences.

Employee Training

Many dog rescue organizations, boarding organizations, etc. are in need of an educational training program for their employees to gain the knowledge necessary to perform their job safely while maintaining a bond with every dog walking through the door.

Canine Companions Branches Designed for Dog Lovers

Dog Behavior Blog

Dog Behavior Blog ( was created by world-renowned Canine Behaviorist, Dr. Amber L. Drake, to provide educational resources regarding canine behavior issues to pet parents around the world.

Topics found within the blog include (but are not limited to):

  • Separation anxiety
  • General anxiety
  • Severe aggression
  • General aggression
  • Territorial behavior
  • Food aggression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Canine nutrition
  • CBD
  • General training tips
  • …and more!

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Dog Training Academy

The Dog Training Academy provides low-cost course offerings for both dog lovers and dog trainers.

In addition to course offerings, there is an online shop with products recommended by hundreds of dog trainers worldwide.

Take a cruise through the Dog Training Academy here.


Love-a-Corgi is a recent development created by the Canine Companions Team.

Love-A-Corgi offers an abundant amount of information to help you and your adorable Corgi, whether puppy or adult, shelter-adopted or found with a breeder.

Our CEO, Amber L. Drake, had a dog with cancer which encouraged her to open this branch of Canine Companions after her book release, ‘She Chose Me,’ with Barnes and Noble.

Visit us at today.

Name Your Doggy

Name Your Doggy was recently acquired by Canine Companions in 2020. This company was acquired to assist all dog lovers with finding the perfect name for their dog.

Remember, this name will last a lifetime. To take a look, click here.


The UFO Glider organization was also acquired by Canine Companions in 2020.

The UFO-Glider has the ability to increase mental and physical stimulation in dogs therefore reducing behavioral problems.

Many of our clients experience separation anxiety, or anxiety of some type, and this product has been proven to combat those symptoms.

This product is highly recommended by Canine Companions and has been endorsed by Dr. Amber L. Drake, Canine Behaviorist. brings us back to the beginning. This is where Canine Companions started as a one-branch organization focusing on canine rehabilitation and boarding.

The site has been maintained to showcase our CEO’s credentials, but don’t be fooled, there are more than just what is displayed.

To follow her work, visit her professional Facebook page at

“Throughout the eight months of her contract, Amber was a delight to work with. This position [Content Manager for Maui Media Concentrating in Canine Cancer] requires a high degree of emotional intelligence, in addition to good communication skills, because 100% of our customers are going through a very sad, stressful time. Amber’s initiative, intelligence, and loyalty combined with her ability to work well with a team made her an invaluable asset.” 

Molly Jacobson, Maui Media/Functional Nutriments/

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Amber. When I first interviewed her to be a Co-founder for Preferable Pups, I knew she would do amazing things. Since she joined, we have produced over 500+ pages of quality content and achieved impossible first page rankings resulting in a massive revenue increase. I plan to keep working with her as investors into more pawesome projects.”

John Cantlin, Founder of the “PawFax,” HelloPuppy, and Preferable Pups.


International, NY-based organization providing free or low-cost services to dog lovers across the globe.

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